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Creative Meadow Licensing Overview

Here you will find all the information you need to understand the terms and conditions for using our designs for commercial purposes. Please read the following information carefully to ensure you are in compliance with our licensing agreement.

Physical Products for Sale

  • Usage: You are allowed to use our designs on any physical items you create, such as t-shirts, mugs, laser projects, signs, prints, stickers, etc.
  • Global Sales: These products may be sold worldwide without quantity restrictions.
  • Exclusivity: Wholesale and third-party sales are prohibited. You can not provide a digital copy of the design with your physical product.
  • Rights: The license is non-exclusive, meaning others may also use the designs.

Digital End Products

  • Creation: You may create digital items like customized invitations and presentations using our designs.
  • Restrictions: Selling digital files that incorporate our designs, either directly or modified, is strictly prohibited.
  • File Specifications: Digital files must be flattened (JPEG or PDF) to prevent extraction or modification of the design elements.
  • Creative Requirements: Include additional creative elements (e.g., backgrounds, graphics) that you have the rights to use. These should significantly alter and differentiate the end product from our original designs.
  • Non-Competition: Ensure that the digital products do not directly compete with our original designs and represent a significant creative transformation.

Print-on-Demand (POD)

  • Usage Guidelines: You are allowed to use our designs on POD platforms.
  • Creative Additions: When using our designs, you must incorporate significant new elements that clearly distinguish your final product from our original designs.
  • Original Design Integrity: Our designs cannot be sold in their original form on POD sites; they must be part of a newly created product that includes your unique additions.

What’s Not Allowed

  • Selling digital files of our designs.
  • Converting our designs to other formats for resale.
  • Selling design elements individually.
  • Sharing or trading our designs.
  • Using our designs in logos or as part of brand symbols.
  • Distributing our files for free, even for personal use.
  • Trademarking, copyrighting, or claiming our designs as your own.
  • Engaging in wholesale and third-party sales.
  • Using our designs for unlawful purposes, including pornographic or defamatory content.

Subscription Policy

  • Cancellation: If you cancel your subscription, you may no longer create new designs using the downloaded files, unless purchased separately. However, you may continue to sell physical products created while the subscription was active.

General Licensing Terms

  • Ownership: Our products are licensed, not sold. You are granted non-exclusive rights to use the files as outlined in this license.
  • Rights Reserved: All rights not expressly granted are reserved by Creative Meadow.